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The world is in good shape after the Meteorite Rainstrike, But it Caused Monsters to Run Rampid all throughout the Earth, The Diamocite Crystals caused this and Sparked Governments Worldwide to Take Control over the New Found Element.

This elemental Rock, Called Diamocite allows Wielders of it to Cast Powerful Magic and Release thier Inner Energy Force.

We intend to Bring Life into Second Earth Series, and make it the Best Chrono Trigger Style SNES RPG Experience we can offer.

The Scripting is very Funny and User Friendly, Plenty of Happy Comedy and wonderful Scripted Events to Keep the Players Happy and Immersed.

Form a party run by a Elite Rebel Brigade Bringing Order to the World from Anarchy in Overthrowing the Evil Powers of the World that Have Control over the World through Elite Governments.

- 50+ Fully Scripted Side Bonus Quests
- 200+ Skillsets
- 30+ Playable Characters with thier own Unique Skillsets
- Character Leveling is based on Overall Progress and Unlocking Secrets
- HUNDREDS of Secrets to Unlock
- Over 40+ Hours of Base Gameplay

Stay Posted!


Double M Labs

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We Currently Have a Indie Studio Named Double M Labs,

Were looking for Donations to Kickstart our funds and efforts, any little donation would help.


GAME IS GOING FINAL, going to be a good years worth of nitpicking work. And plenty of Polish.

Game will be like Old School Style RPG's (Just like Chrono - Trigger) Brought to steam for a Cheap Price,Complete new stories, art, and Soundtrack of our Own.

We here at Double M Labs Studio want to Make the Most Authentic awesome Old School SNES RPG's and bring them on the Steam Platform, because being Old like we are, we love Nostalgia.

Stay posted and if you like what you see or want to contribute to the project we will definatley include your name in the credit reel as a special thanks!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!

Feel free to subscribe to the Game feed as this is our primary Game Page on Facebook:


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Were trying to kickstart our funds!! this is the link please share!

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