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This game is developed by 12 students at The Game Assembly. Sangre por Sangre is an FPS set in Mexico and you take the role as a cop to eliminate a drug corporation. NOTE: THIS GAME REQUIRES A DX11 COMPATIBLE GRAPHICS CARD TO RUN. Also make sure to have at least 4Gb RAM for an optimal experience.

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The first mission sucks you right into fast paced action. I never got stuck or went the wrong way and I always was excited to see what was around the corner. Level design works well in both single and co-op. Weapons are a blast even though the pistol and sniper rifle could have been nerfed. Bonus point for smoking ashtrays and other small graphical goodies that contributes to the atmosphere. AI would need improvement as well as overall stability but this game is really worth playing for anyone that enjoys a good shooter!


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