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Samorost 2 is a point and click adventure about a man looking for his dog which was kidnapped by aliens.

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Theon says

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A beautiful masterpiece.
It made me think highly of pont'n'click games.

A bit short.


Seeln says

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The (sequel to the) predecessor of the wonderful Machinarium.

I found this (sadly Flash-based) adventure-game show a pretty fun story and great ambient. I was compelled to play it through in one go, which did not take a very long time.

I found it pretty refeshing and had fun playing it. But as a huge fan of adventure games, it does not reach as high on my list as some classic titles or Machinarium.


The game is fun to play and kids like it. its a little short and sometimes is hard to know where to click next, but if you get stuck, just search for a walkthrough in the web. If you like this type of game, you will love machinarium, from the same team.


GVBN says

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finished in less than an hour. waste of time and money, get machinarium instead


geniv says

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nice and thoughtful story

Great ambient, and great artwork too. I like this game, but there is something that I don't like, but I don't know what...


Beautiful and with really challenging puzzles. Better than the original which was great already.


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