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Rune Masters is a unique RPG game that also contains match-3 aspects. Fight your enemy using hidden power in magical gems and special abilities available only for you class. Become a mage and quickly nuke your enemy by destroying red gems. Confuse with scout by planting false image of map. Surprise with quick heals on your priest. Boost your strength as a cyclop and proceed to crush your opponent. Play quick battles for your start of the day or choose campaign to observe progress of your character and its growing power. Impressive art style, beautiful music and sounds, eyecandy effects will accompany you in your journey through world of Navaroth.

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Really cool game! Battles are awesome, story is interesting, so i'm rating this game on 10/10! Trust me, it's the best match-3 game ever!

The script leaves much to be desired. And I found the gameplay was too reliant on stats

The art is really beautiful in this game and the polish makes the experience fun and easy. The RPG and puzzle elements might now appeal to many action gamers, but this is definitely a solid game.


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Havent seen fusion of such diffrent games. It deserved 9 but ill give 10 for good start :))


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