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Roche Fusion is a fast paced, exploding, over the top shoot-em-up. The player fights ever more aggressive, deadly, and crazy waves of enemies while upgrading their ship with more weapons, shields and other items. Also: explosions.

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Luca_Scorpion says

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Amazing game with a lovely graphics style, cool particle effects and of course lots of explosions :D
There are different types of ships that support different playstyles and all sorts of upgrades (passive and active). Mix those two and you get lots of different ways to play the game.
Various enemy and boss types make for gameplay that is never the same for more than 60 seconds, and it really gets you in the zone.
All in all I think Roche Fusion is really one of the best schmups I have ever played.


RichardKos says

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Played this game two weeks ago at the INDIGO2014, challenging co-op game with great visual effects and had a nice chat with the developers Heiny and Paul


monkey_king_studio says

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amazing !


PerrySpee says

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