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The game begins with a tutorial. In each level, you must get to the exit, typically in the bottom-right corner of the screen. To reach the exit, you will need to overcome increasing verity of obstacles.
The first of these is that you must collect blue power cores. The door at the end of the level will only open if you collect all the cores.

After this, you will need to be mindful of avoiding red cores. These are bad. They make you restart the level. Those jerks.

Beyond this, you find that beyond platforms you can stand on are moving ones,...

and ones in which you can only go through in a certain direction.

As if that is not enough, you are soon tasked with doing all of the above within a time limit of 30 seconds a level.

Don't worry, collecting all the cores in a level will stop the countdown.
But wait! Sometimes you cannot collect all the cores... cursed red cores!

There is however, a reward for successful completion of a level, the amount of time remaining in the time limit will be added to your score.

What's more, every ten levels you will be presented with a save room, where you can save your score and progress. If you aren't happy with your score, quit the game at one of these save rooms and replay the levels to get a better score.

If the prospect of replaying the whole ten levels is not appealing, consider this; touching a red core will make you restart the level with no further penalties. If you see that your time limit is running low, restart a level and ignore that bad score! (yo)

The challenges get more challenging harder as the game progresses, eventually, you will find rooms where you need to control multiple characters. One character right-side up, and the other upside down. It is rather challenging difficult to describe what an interesting challenge puzzle these levels are, and it is best played to see.

Did I mention? That score that you have been building up after each level pools, and is eventually totaled after the last level of the game, when you get to see your name put on a local highscore.
Congratulations. That is the game. Wait, no, this is reading about the game, you have yet to play it. Do so. Enjoy. It is free. Simply go to the summary. (yo)
~Bluish-Green Productions

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