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Rktcr ("rocket car") is a physics-based action-platformer-turned-puzzle-platformer; that is, it's an action game meant to be played thoughtfully at much slower than real-time. Rktcr is played in a side-view world consisting of zones linked by portals. The goal of the game is to construct a journey that collects the 14 gems scattered throughout the world and returns to the start portal as quickly as possible. Players can pause, rewind, and slow time in order to carefully perfect each segment of their journey.

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Toyotame says

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This game is technically well made, even Linux port is present. Idea is interesting too, but its "rage-quite" type of game. Its so innovative so nobody ever will play it. Never EVER purchase it without trying Demo first.


ThePeggiep9pm says

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So challanging for me, but so addicting as well.


tokkot says

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The term 'innovative' is used to describe indie games far too often, but it is truly warranted in the case of Rktcr. While it may initially draw comparisons to Braid, after spending some hours with it, I can say Rktcr's gameplay is unlike anything else out there. Though it may not be for everyone, the main mechanic is very deep and between the challenge levels and journey mode there's plenty to do.


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intactclavicles says

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