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A deadly virus is spreading throughout the United States, turning those who become infected into violent creatures with only a primitive desire to survive and feed. The government has tried to take control of the situation by quarantining the infected areas as best they can. Any infected that try to escape the quarantined areas are taken care of by the military enforcing the borders. However even the military is struggling to contain the infection. The uninfected still within the quarantine zones are left to fend for themselves with no hope for rescue. Their only hope lies in finding others and barricading themselves from the increasing hordes of infected. With no contact with the outside world they have to make the tough decision of finding a way to reach the Quarantine borders or settling in long term.

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Upgraded City Graphics and Tiles
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I have begun the process of upgrading the city map graphics to a better looking perspective. I was never really happy with a full top down perspective as we had initially planned, it just seemed to lack any room for important details.

I have replaced most of the existing things such as walls, doors, windows, designation objects, etc. I still need to make some new trees and other objects to fill the empty city. Now I am mostly trying to upgrade the rendering and construction system to handle the new graphics.

One of the benefits is being able to create transparent glass and openings in the walls to allow viewing what is behind them. I also need to work on support for hiding the walls when you need to see what is directly behind them and blocked.

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