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Rise of the Half blood is an online horror survival fantasy ORPG set in the deceased Dracula's mansion currently owned by his son - Vladimir. As a half blood, Vladimir needs to obtain the 'full' powers of the vampire and to do so, he must gather souls. For the last 500 years Vladimir has been conning travelers into his mansion and then harvesting their souls. Once complete, Vladimir will become a pure blood and so able to unleash his wrath upon civilization. He needs to be slain before time runs out. Compete and work together with friends in this fantastic new ORPG, developed by Kibbelz one of the Eclipse Origins developers. To make your own ORPG too, visit www.eclipseorigins.com

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Simple but very fun game. Kibbelz (the game creator) has done an excellent job adding a challenging aspect through the game while making it fun and rewarding towards the end. The game is continuing to expand and I cannot wait to see more. 10/10 so far and still growing!


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