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Remothered: Tormented Fathers is the pure and realistic survival horror game

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angry-town says

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best indie game of the decade


tatoforever says

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Is never too late to fix mistakes. 10/10 :)


manufolly says

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The horror survival genre is not a dying one, but it remains fragile for it's requiring estimation for the unique and the strange plus open-mindedness and other. Hard times for artists, but when a jewel like this is produced, you still have hope. Remothered brought me back to the golden age and I feel its terrible and beautiful essence. A work of art made by true artists showing its references and offering a intimate atmosphere and a charming horror experience.


EyUpAbe says

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This game is absolutely brilliant,
It's been a while in the making and hasn't disappointed.
12.99 for a finished game at this caliber is definitely worth it


guttahsluggah says

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Amazing horror game


Tamoyo says

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