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Rapture - World Conquest is a real-time strategy game that puts you in the celestial shoes of a jealous god. The game sees you guide your armies to conquer the other civilizations populating the planet. Send your armies to take over regions and expand your realm. As your followers rise in numbers their adulation allows you to unleash devastating miracles – meteors, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and other death from above. Conquer the globe and as the supreme deity you will rapture your people up to heaven and leave your remaining enemies to the apocalypse. Inspired by classic god games such as Civilization and Populous, reinvented for quick games on mobile. There will be dozens of missions, achievements and unlockable content.

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Multiplayer Added

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Tundra Games Ltd. has announced an update to "Rapture - World Conquest" adding online play through Apple Game Center.

Play up to 3 friends over the web or locally in this lightning fast version of Civilization with equal dashes of Risk and Populous.

To mark this occasion, the price has been temporarily cut to $0.99/£0.79/€0.99

Rapture - World Conquest Released on iOS

Rapture - World Conquest Released on iOS


Tundra Games Ltd. has announced the release of it's very first title "Rapture - World Conquest". Now available on iTunes for iPad and iPhone.

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