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Quarantime is a special recipe for thrill seekers. It’s a run and chase experience that engages the player in an adventure to stress management. Find inner peace thanks to the Zombie Shepherd School program.

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*Fixed* [0.3.0-alpha] - No gain when pickup Blurp (Games : Quarantime : Forum : Bug Reporting : *Fixed* [0.3.0-alpha] - No gain when pickup Blurp) Locked
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May 10 2019 Anchor

Bug Report Template

Game version number: 0.3.0
Bug Title: No gain when pickup Blurp

When we pickup a blurp can, the blurp count don't increase.

Submit Date: 10/05/2019
Reporter: Ipefyx
Plateform / Operating System: All


When the play pass on a can, it disappear but the blurp counter remain at the same value.

Which mean it's impossible to gain some blurp to buy new skills

Steps to reproduce

Do a brain or a capture and picckup the blurp

Expected result

Blurp Counter increase

Actual result

Blurp count remain at the same value



Fixed in alpha 0.3 with new gain and quarantime system


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