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Pyrrhic Victory is a 3d cooperative medieval warfare simulator that brings players onto the field as a soldier and a commander. Inspired by epic tales from throughout history, we seek to let you experience highly strategic and tactical battles that can challenge even the most hardened strategist – if you want it to, that is.

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Song: The song is the first half of a work in progress song for the nation of Rupani. Rupani is a heavily militarized nation that controls half the known world and keep control of it with their disciplined army and strong navy. Culturally they are fond of a musical guitar similar to a koto, flutes, oboes and high pitched drums. The music is created by our composer Hyde (https://soundcloud.com/chaosringen).

The first image is Beih'go Bao, a large fortress built around a rock island. On a map Beih'go Bao is situated at the end of what looks like a face, and as such Beih'go roughly translates to 'nose'. Beih'go Bao has the largest port in the known world and can house most of the Rupani navy at once. It is also incredibly defensible due to its location and the trebuchets guarding it. Beih'go Bao is the first and last defense before an enemy reaches the Capital.

The second image shows Shuicheng, the first city the Rupani made outside of their swamp homes. Shuicheng was the capital of the Rupani nation for centuries as they expanded and conquered the western half of the continent. Shuicheng is a major port for the southern fleet and merchants from other nations. You can find more about Shuicheng at Merakigames.ca.

The third image shows a portion of Ilia from the balcony of a house. Ilia is the Capital of Rupani and one of the largest cities in the known world. It is a thriving metropolis with a massive port for both merchant and military ships, second only to Beih'go Bao in docking capabilities. Ilia is also the home of the King and Queen of Rupani, where they live in their high towers. Learn more about Ilia at Merakigames.ca.

All images created by our environmental artist Patryk Kowalik.

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