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Pushcat is a retro-styled arcade game that combines classic 80s dig-and-push mechanics with elements of a Match 3 resulting in an original, fast-paced mix of puzzle and action gameplay. It features pixel art by Army of Trolls, a retro ragtime soundtrack, old-school game design and over 60 procedurally generated levels.

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Intriguing mechanic, good (chiptune) music, decent difficulty level.

Nice presentation and great fun. If you're looking for something with old school gameplay and more modern aesthetics, give it a shot. It's a nice twist on the "Match 3" games!

Colourful and cheery graphics, a bouncy (and semi-dynamic) chiptune soundtrack and a good variety of puzzles make this one of those few games I routinely come back to.

Pushcat is the kind of game you can play in short bursts or dump hours at a time into, which is a rare treat these days.

The game is friendly and challenging although not as hair-pullingly difficult as it might appear at first glance; the environments are forgiving and you'll usually find you complete them within three attempts or so.

Very fun little game containing a nice twist between Bejewled and Boulder-Dash. Only thing stopping me from giving it full marks is how the level structure is a bit limiting.


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