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Hello! I am a 2014 high school graduate, and a requirement for graduation at my school was to create a Senior Culminating project. I chose to create a short horror game using the Blender Game Engine. Each level of this game showcases more knowledge and skill that I have developed while working on this project, which began in May 2013. I released it February 8, 2014. Here is the premise: You wake up. You find yourself to be an old man, in some sort of science facility. You don't know who you are. But something else seems to, and it is playing with you. Explore the floors of the facility, collecting information about yourself, the entity hindering you, and ultimately, how to stop it. Enjoy!

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Tuckybot says

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This game is fun. A little confusing, but pretty creepy, and that's why we play horror games, right?

I did a play through of the first bit of it. Check it out! Youtu.be


abele says

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aaawww yyeeeaaahh, this is a really horror game, thank youu :D


Jgrl0412 says

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For the full review:


At first glance it's simple, pretty, easy to find what needs to be found, but it's a bit confusing. I'm being chased but there's also a clicking sound (I'm on a Mac) and I'm not sure if it means I'm also on a timer or if it's part of the audio not working.

The game was fun! It had a Slender feel, definitely, as a teddy bear "you" weaponized hunts you down. But you took pills and have just woken up so it's got an Amnesia feel to it as well. Unfortunately the bear doesn't have a sound for when it's closer and closer to you so I honestly thought at first that it would just innocently follow me around.

But after a few goes it's clear that this game is all about never backtracking and pushing the player to keep moving!

My character was able to run (as long as he wanted) which was great. However if I ran for too long my guy got motion sick, even when I stopped running. And it took longer and longer for him to get over that till the screen returned to normal. This might be a good thing in that it MADE me slow down of my own accord. I was aching to run the whole time but learned that I needed to save it for emergencies.

The fact that this was wonderfully written really hits you in the third level IF you survive ;) The plot is twisted and adult. Darkly humorous.

I've got high hopes for the developer's future.


DavesGames says

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Fun game, great atmosphere, and good scares, really entertaining for a quick night time horror experience. However, it was slightly buggy here and there and could have been a little longer, more clear on how to progress, and polished up. Would recommend for anyone who enjoys good horror indie horror games that can be beaten in under 45 minutes to an hour!


G19 says

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