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You can download Prospekt Online here: Prospektonline.tk


  • XAS ABS style slash system, that will display sword slash when player attacks.
  • Events - Events are something really big. It is something like visual coding. With events we can make our very exciting.
  • Random stat gains/losses to items - On pickup, items gain a random prefix, and suffix and randomly shifts the stats of that item like attack bonus or damage or speed. It may increase some stats, decrease others, or have other (un)wanted or (un)helpful effects.
  • Chat channels - With key F1 to F5 you can switch you chat channels. They are: Global, Map, Emote, Party and Guild chat.
  • Guilds - Everyone can create his own guild and then change guild color, MOTD (message of the day) and other settings. You can talk in Guild with setting chat channel to Guild.
  • Party chat - You can set your chat channel to party and you can talk with your party members.
  • Quests - You now have quest log and everything to track your quests. Of course you can gain minor quests from events that are not tracked in quest log.
  • Right - Click menu - So when you Right - Click player, this menu will appear and show you some choices like invite to party, guild or trade.
  • Mouse Movement - Now you can move around map with mouse! For now without pathfinding.
  • Day/Night - So day and night is changed with speeded up time, what is diplayed under hotbar. This time is sended from server so every player will have this time same. And dangerous part. Some NPCs are spawning only in night so be aware of that.
  • Showing item names on ground - When you are holding TAB key item names on ground are showed
  • AutoAttack - When you are facing your target, you will autoattack it


  • Attack will improve your damage with close range weapons like swords, maces etc.
  • Archery will improve your damage with long range weapong like bows, crossbows or throwing stars.
  • Sorcery will improve your magic damage with spells. It will improve your mana and mana regeneration too.
  • Endurance will improve your health and health regeneration.
  • Trading skills - Trading skills are: Woodcutting, Mining, Fishing, Crafting and Alchemy. They are named trading skills becouse they will make money for you.


  • Dark Mage
  • Knight
  • Cleric
  • Assasin

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Characters Overhaul


New Update


What is new?

  • Now you can have mutiple characters per account
  • Removed (Loading...) screen completely becouse of unrecoverable DX8 errors
  • Fixed Right-Click menu do not wanted movement

I hope you will enjoy my game Prospekt Online and i will see you online.

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