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12 years ago, the largest EMP in history destroyed every electronic and mechanical device on earth. Mankind had become too dependant on machines; thus, the larger, more "advanced" countries began to dwindle. Food and supplies were beginning to run out. People turned on each other. The government fell. Millions died. Yet a few, the most resourceful of our kind, carried on. And in the major cities and states, they grouped. They formed guilds and factions, and Scavenged supplies from nearby factories and skyscrapers. It was a dangerous job, not knowing what may lie waiting in the buildings, and before long it became known as "prospecting".

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Sup guys, for those of you who are following this game, you may notice that the name has changed, and you might be wondering what the pluck is going on. Basically, i didn't really have an idea for the story line before. all i knew was that it was going to be about pirates. But at the same time, i already had a totally different story line that was completely finished. after thinking long and hard, i decided to use the other story line, because it seems more original, and i just like it better. If you're wondering what the new story line is, just read the summary. it does a pretty good job of summing it up, believe it or not.Anyways, i'm currently working on the inventory system, and the ability to use and equip certain items. So hopefully i'll have a real update pretty soon. also, just a heads up, i may or may not change the name again, depending on if i cant think of a better one.anyways, that's pretty much all i have to say about that. thanks for reading, and feel free to post if you have any questions or anything like tha

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This game is long dead, in case anyone was wondering. I have moved on to greater things. In other words, im studying advanced 3d graphics now. i want to become familiar with them before i go to college.

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