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Every goverment has secrets. These secrets have been hidden from us for years. Goverment leaders tell us things that we think are true. You are going to be taken on a scary journey through the woods. You are going to play as James Rollen which is just a normal U.S soldier. One of his missions was to guard the experiment with a code name "Project x" The experiment was taking place in the woods. Suddenly James finds himself in the middle of the woods at night. He can not remember anything except "Project x". You must discover what happened to James during the "Project x" experiment and what "Project x" actually is. You can watch the gameplay on youtube.

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Love the solo game. The multilayer has potential to be great as well.


Because i'm new i can't rate the game higher then 8, but if i could i would probably rate it 10

I think this game is made very well and i think it has the potensial to be the next big indie hit game


grhhgh says

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I think for an indie game that is still in pre-alpha this is really amazing.


fatpoo says

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This game really does scare the **** out of you !

I Loved this game! The Singleplayer is gr8 and the only thing i think can be better is the number of maps(Can you make more 2 plz?) :)

The game is awesome and realy funny and yeah.. a bit scary 10/10


Not too shabby. The thing that really digs at me though is the title. Project X is the name of a party movie. I don't know if this came first, but if it didn't, then don't name a horror game after a party movie. I like the atmosphere the most. It's dark, creepy, and maybe a bit horrifying. The monsters, I don't really get. They seem like they are from Halo for some reason. But as long as they can come growling and screaming out of nowhere, I am willing to get over it.


great concept scary needs different kinds of enemys and objects to make it more survival based. good job guys


MrAlexbross says

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