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Can you fight against gravity? In Project Stormos, you chain together midair dash combos and complete entire levels trying to never touch the ground. Play and compete with your friends in online multiplayer, or build levels together with the in-game editor and share them with the community. The level of challenge is high, but so is the level of reward. You will learn to conquer gravity. You will learn to fly. The Anti-Platformer is here!

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This is the best action game ever.....EPIC


Very cool game , deserves more attention


over 9000 fun!

Great game. Very smooth. Definitely one you can replay many times and still find new things to do with it. +10!

so cool
'nuff said


it's really fun and exiting when u finally finish a level u feel great :D


The good thing about Project Stormos is that it's difficulty scales incredibly well from start to finish, later levels and challenge levels are brutal and challenging, and Stormos never backs down or apologizes for it. This is a great platformer that keeps players competitive against each other with leaderboards to stay interested, a easy to use level editor to make your own levels after (or before) your main adventure is done, and an addicting challenge. If youve ever wanted to play a platformer with air combat, sword slashing, fast paced action, pick up Project Stormos.


Its a fun hardcore game that kicks your *** and chews your bubble gum.


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