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You’re a bad guy! You’re a guilty guy! And now you’re locked-up! Enter PRISONHOOD as a Rookie, establish your Reputation, and emerge as a Boss! PRISONHOOD is a unique blend of RPG elements, task management, mini games, and social play. Recruit, Extort, Fight, Buy, Sell, & Steal as you interact with more than 30 different characters. It's about absolute power, it's about making money, but it's also about living by the rules of the prison. In PRISONHOOD reputation has a heavy price! = FEATURES = - FREE TO PLAY - Unique ‘Prison-Theme’ style game setting - Choose from 4 cool and stylish Avatars - In-depth casual gameplay, with RPG elements - Complete more than 90 topical, edgy, and fun in-game tasks - Explore 30 unique prison facilities - Discover Daily ‘Chance' Cards to receive rewards, or penalties - Play 3 fun, and intuitive mini-games - Share items with friends - Steal items from friends - Brawl against friends in the DOG POUND - Bet against friends in THE RING

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