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On May 1st 2019, VRDB.com and SlideDB.com were closed. We no longer support VR, AR, iOS or Android only games. We are focused on PC, console and moddable games. If this is your project and you would like to release it on Indie DB, please contact us with the details.

Enjoy the latest President Survival: Enemy Attack which is fully optimized for your mobile devices. America has just selected their new US president and everybody is very happy about the new revolutions which the new us president has promised about, but there is a group of enemies which want to attack US president who are not happy with this. Terrorists want to ruin the peace of the country and make the city a warzone. You are appointed because you are secret agent elite mission and your duty is to become the commander in chief special terrorist contra hunter of fighting force, hijack rescue and to make sure the new us president is safe with you because you are very good secret agent with best shooting experience. Attackers are a threat to the presidency. You will play as special counter sniper in President Survival: Enemy Attack game. Prove yourself the best man this country got by making sure the president security survival and driving convoy to a safe place.

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