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Can you save the princess ? Will you get to the end of Castle Pain ? As an heavily armored knight you must succeed in various challenging platform goodness: Slalom between bird droppings, avoid giant fireballs, flee from the ghost, escape a giant octopus, brave blood thirsty bats and much more... Let the quest begin!

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aDFP says

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Great little game, though little is the operative word. There's just not enough of it, and what there is isn't quite polished enough, control-wise.

Still, this and its sister-title were a nice gaming snack to go with the Gone Fishing bundle, so I can't complain too much.

A great, fun platformer :)


This is the first of the two available Platformance games here at Desura and it's a tricky one. The whole game is just a big map playable on 3 difficulties. You have checkpoints all around the level, but after you've found the ghost, you don't have too much time finishing the game. Once you touch the ghost, it's over and you have to start again.

After playing it on each difficulty and either finishing it or quitting, the replay value relies on beating highscores or playing it with your friends, as in, you either show-off or laugh as they fail. The story is about a kidnapped princess and a knight risking his life (/lives) to save her. Once you've done it, that's it. Time for a replay. Unless you're bored already.

I can't say it's worth 2€ for me, but as an addition to the "gone fishing" Indie Royale bundle, it was worth it. The game is short and that takes a bit off the score but I did enjoy it. P:CP serves as a nice example for indie developers and as a quick waste of time, testing your nerves and patience. If you're a challenge junkie, try beating this one on hardcore within 5-10 minutes, maybe faster. Your prize? The internets.


monkeystick says

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Loved it. I made a run-through on easy mode:


A little game very fun. We can see the whole level on our screen but there is many obstables between us and the princess.
A very good die-an-retry platformer.

Cuando lo juegues pensaras que estas jugando Super Meat Boy o I Wanna Be The Guy, lindas gráficas y buena jugabilidad, pero es demasiado corto.

When you play it you thought you're playing Super Meat Boy or I Wanna Be The Guy, nice graphics and good gameplay, but it's too short.


Fun and brutal. It may seem short but a long journey isn't the point. This is for people who love perfecting speed runs. The controls are tight and the movement is intuitive. The huge, zoomable level is broken up into intense and fun challenges by the checkpoint system. Worth the asking price, finely tuned and well crafted.


Heres what I said for the other game in the series (Temple Death) "not really my type of game. Very "I wanna be the guy" except no big surprise deaths that you can't see coming even if you're paying attention, so thats good. If that sounds like your thing, then go ahead."

This game is however shorter, even if you dont count how artificially prolonged the other game is by having you do it over again backwards.

The game isn't bad just wish it had more than the one level challenge. I'd played it once and most likely won't touch it again unless they added more challenges.

Cute little pixel-graphics adventure.
Kind of short for 2€, but I got it in a bundle.

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