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Placeholder the Game


Do you like Basketball ? Videogames ? Then "Placeholder the Game" is a perfect game for you ! Forget NBA 2Kxx and other basketball games ! Now seriously, this game is a project created by me an my friend Kyku. Since it's our first game to be published, a lot of mistakes will be made, so don't expect much :D. We are working on it in our spare time. Because of that, update depends on how much time we got ;) The purpose of the game is to test our game creating skills and have some fun. We are looking forward to any feedback, what you wanna see, what you want to be added or why game sucks .

Some Game info :

  • Genre: 2D Basketball
  • Release date: When(and if) it's done
  • Platforms: Windows Only
  • Type: Local multiplayer only
  • Engine: GameMaker: Studio

Features :

  • Custom made pixelart graphics!
  • Compete with your friends using only one computer!
  • Realistic (not rly) basketball simulator!
  • Superpowers, to make a match even more exciting!
  • Bugs

The Game is still in early development. A lot of things will change. I won't post any release till it has something interesting to offer. If you'd really like to check game out feel free to pm me ;) We are open to any suggestions as well as a litte help.

Graphics and ideas by Kyku, the rest by szymon112233

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09.03.2105 Status


09.03.2015 Status

Sooo i decided to post the Game here. Waiting for feedback :D

What is actually in game at the moment:

  • Most graphics for any players movement.
  • Both players are able to: move, jump, throw a ball, pick up a ball, strike the ball sto hat other player will drop it, block incoming balls in air.
  • Physically active cursor just for fun and testing.
  • Balls spawning.
  • Game restarting.
  • Basic scoring system.
  • Debug mode.

What needs to be done:

  • Energy system
  • Superpowers
  • Main menu
  • Key binding
  • Some levels
  • Interactive HUD
  • Limited time for a match

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