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Pizza Express is a complete restaurant simulation, where you will take control of a brand new pizzeria. Choose among over 50 ingredients, and fill your menu with delicious and original pizzas, which will help you win F.L.A.B's (Finger Licking Associated Bistros) stomaches (and hearts, too). Jazz up your place by purchasing new furniture and tables. Apply special offers to lure more customers in. Advertise your eatery and enjoy a dynamic story which might bring you everywhere: on TV, flying through the skies, fighting the crime... Or, most importantly, on top of the culinary world!


Here is the public demo for Pizza Express, the upcoming pizzeria simulation game for Windows! Enjoy a slice of Pizza Express by playing the first 12 days of story mode, which will allow you to sample all features you're going to find in the final release. Included in the download, you'll find an extensive guide, which will help you get acquainted with the game whenever you are in doubt. Have fun!

Pizza Express - Demo Version
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