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You really want to break the cycle, don't you? But you cannot pay the price. No one can.

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A step to become a part of a cycle, which you'll eventually want to break out

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Where to start?

I am able to control my dream, but just the moment I realize that, everything goes out of control. Now I am paralyzed, and my worst nightmare is yet to show itself.
But wait... What if... What if it is not me that is paralyzed in my nightmare, but others?
My friends -do I have any?-, my enemies?

Let's start from the beginning. Just when did I become a part of the cycle? I want out... I WANT OUT!
Oh, an incoming call? My phone, my only friend is here.
"You really want to break the cycle, don't you? But you cannot pay the price. No one can."

Between Lucyd Dreaming and Sleep Paralysis

Paralycid is a story oriented horror/puzzle game we, as Team From Beyond, are making.
It's been nearly a year since we started, and nearly half a year building things around, we are finally able to show something public.

You play as Carla, a highschool girl, seemingly trapped inside a sleep paralysis, unable to wake up. However, there are others that are trapped inside this nightmare too, so it might actually be something different.
A story to recall? A price to pay? Transformation of a person? It is up to you to decide. Choices you make will shape the story, decide the victim, decide the price, and eventually, decide the end.
Paralycid is designed in a way to have multiple endings, but not in same playthrough. Each step you take will move you forward to another personality change, thus, another take of the story.
Decision making will tailor the game, enabling player to have different encounters and even play as different characters.

See how a daily life can turn into a nightmare, how others cause this for you, or even how you cause this for others. Once you join the cycle, it is up to you to decide whether to be a part of it or to break out of it. But remember, there is always a price; and sometimes it is impossible to pay.


Paralycid needs player to use strategy to advance, using environment and other tools provided. Carla's smartphone, may it be the only friend she has. Use it to enlighten your environment, find your way, call for help, or even distract the enemy. Stealth has a huge part to play. Every encounter is avoidable, every confrontation is escapable, however all is based on your choices. To choose a safe path might mean to take a step into a bitter turnout of the events. Otherwise, however, might also mean your demise. You can't take back what you've done, and you can't escape easily. Cycle continues, and devours those who are weak, weak as it comes.

Interact with your environment, try to be quiet. You want to sure that your path is clear? You have a smartphone, connect to a security camera and see through it. You need a distraction? Call the phone in the office, that is away from you. But you can't use the same trick over and over, your enemy will learn. They are after you.


It is hard to say, but you may expect a demo soon. Contents of a demo is nearly finished but there is still much work to be done. Also, a gameplay video is on the way, too.
Until then.

Which is more difficult, to awaken one who sleeps or to awaken one who, awake, dreams that (s)he is awake? - Søren Kierkegaard

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