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"Paradise Checkres" is a board game put in VR enviroment, The game consist of two dificulty levels - "min" to beginners and "max" for more advanced players. You can also choose colour of your pawns as black or white Your pawns are at the bottom of the board. In your turns you move one of your pawn diagonally to one of a nearest square. You can destroy enemy's pawn by jumping diagonally over it. Note: If you can destroy enemy's pawn you MUST do it.That's the rule. If any of your pawns reach oposite end of the board it change itself into queen pawn. From now on it can move diagonally by any number of squares and also destroy enemy's pawn that way. You win a game when there's no other figures except yours. Game AI is poor but will be better and we have plans do multiplayer mode, but dont promis! And still may occur a little errors, if you find some please give me message,

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