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Brief Overview of Outbreak Solanum:
Outbreak Solanum is a game based in the present, a virus (Solanum), which was contained for research, was able to infect a scientist; things got worse and worse as the virus spread out into the public' Soon a wave of zombies starts to way in the Arachiville Town' Citizens panic as the zombies approach grabbing person after person feeding in the streets and dark ally ways' Soon it becomes a full-blown outbreak and military personal and police try to combat the zombies while survivors of the outbreak try to make it to evacuation points and strongholds within the town'

The small town of Arachiville was a normal town' It had its petty crimes and murders, its thefts and gang fights' However the town had a deep secret, which would soon be revealed' A team of scientists in a underground lab near the outskirts of town were playing with a virus'''' And that virus would soon change the small town of Arachiville'

Special Features:
Realistic Physics
Barricading System
Skill System
Random Building and Object Generator
Inventory Menu
Breakable Objects

Single Player:
Single player has Story Mode and Lone Survivor (Being offline MP scenarios)'
The areas in single player Story will be preset buildings and items, some areas in the game will be Hospital, Police Department, Malls, Houses, Convenience Stores etc' While Lone Survivor mode supports the random building generator and lets the player practice before going Online'

You will be able to play up to 8 players online, and Multiplayer will supports 6 different modes:'
Stronghold - Team based effort to hold a building'
Survival - players try to survive as long as they can until the timer runs out'
Last Man Standing - Players compete against each other to see who lives longest'
Salvage - A team vs' team mode where players must fight zombies to reach key items'
Elimination - Players arm themselves and attempt to beat back the undead'
Extraction - Players must try to reach a helicopter or truck'

Outline of the Storyline:
Welcome to Arachiville' A small town out in the middle of nowhere' Gang wars, theft, drugs, and murders' Your average town' A military outpost on the outskirts of the town has been there since the early times of the town's foundation, no one ever questioned why it was there or even really cared about it' However if they knew the reason that outpost was there, they'd might of been prepared for when the outbreak happened' A small underground bunker was build right at the edge of the town, With a road down leading into it and guards standing around it, People thought it to be a sewage plant of some sorts but in reality it was a Biological Weapons Lab' Scientists had contained and started to research a virus known as Solanum' However a scientist that recently wounded himself with a scrap to his hand''' The tear in his flesh allowed the virus to infect him'' and over the course of a day, he died' The scientists started to do a autopsy on his body, however soon as they put a cut in him, his corpse grabbed one of the doctors and bit them''' Things only got worse and worse for the lab'' Soon all was quiet, a guard from the outdoors of the Lab opened up a parking lot shutter and soon after a swarm of the undead moved it way forward''' Out into the unspespecting town of Arachiville'''

The gameplay of Outbreak Solanum is a combination MP FPS RPG' So you will be running around in First Person mode collecting weapons and ammo and other useful items' However this game is not your typical First Person Shooter' You aren’t given a unlimited amount of ammo, nor are you very likely to find a gun' The goal of the game is to survive, using items you find to help you hide, run, fight or barricade yourself' Also unlike most first person shooters there is no way to heal yourself' In story mode you'll be healed ONLY after each level' In MP you have no way to heal' The RPG element of the game refers to the Inventory Menu and the Skills involved in the game' Unlike most RPGs Skills don't let you do fancy attacks or increase your health or speed or attack power' They simply let you interact with your environment more and use items you have more effectively (outside combat)' The game is meant mostly for online play, with up to 8 players determined to be the max due to all the features that would cause online lag and even PC lag' The style of the game is solely Survival' You take what you need nothing more, you do what you can to avoid being hit and smashed up' Teamwork in MP is ultimately required if your going to try to survive, having 4 people with weapons vs' 40 zombies is better then having 1 person with a weapon vs' 40 zombies' The zombies will run on an AI system that help them find players, determine what they need (food or sleep sums it up)' If a zombie has to sleep it'll likely stop chasing a player or bashing its barricades and lay down, which will make it indefinable among all the dead corpses' When a zombie starts to hunger more and more - it becomes fiercer' At first it'll start to move faster, then when it starts to strive it'll be able to smell you in buildings which will lead to a siege of your building, had not other zombies found you first'

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is this dead?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

will this me AI zombies?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Looks great! What engine are you using?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Zombie survival guide & world war Z, kick@$$!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Someone has been reading the zombies survival guide I see...
good stuff... me watches :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

finally.. more horror themed games please!!

thank you.i will be watching for this..

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sounds like RE copy but i love zombies and will watch

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when will be ready plays? (I am fan of the plays of zombie since I have to play has thc 2)

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XWolfGhost Creator

Ya the project is far from dead. We have many members now so we will be getting some more things for you guys to see soon :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

cool this project is not dead :)

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