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The Earth is Fucked

The water's acid, the sky is green, and the air tastes like ass sweat and smog on a good day. The resources dried up long ago, which is why the Mars expedition was created. Hundreds of privateers, contractors, and corporations took to the stars to claim their fortune. Forty years later earth depends on the Mars colonies for everything from heavy ore to breathable air, and they know it. But earth has one ace up it's sleeve. Women. Mars has a severe shortage of women which keeps population growth to a minimum and Mars dependent upon earth for new influxes of workers. Which is what makes smuggling so damn profitable. Charge women for a ticket off the skuzzball called earth and charge Martian settlers for their delivery to their camp instead of a rival faction. The life of a smuggler is a good one. Unless some jerkass puts a hole in your ship.

You control Snag, a smuggler with a heart of gold, a good for nothing gun for hire, a profiteering scumbag, a freedom fighter, or some combination thereof depending on how you choose to play.


Top down 2d action advances the over the top story of a smuggler turned freedom fighter. In addition to running and gunning and commanding recruited fighters, the player has one more powerful tool in their arsenal; the Crush Cannon. Originally an orbital delivery launcher, the Crush Cannon can be used to create cover, reroute an enemy force, create doors where none stood before, and of course, crush bad guys into a gooey paste (or good guys if evil is your thing).

You'll need to more than just a sharp trigger finger to survive though. Many maps contain independent groups going about their duties. As the player you have an objective you must accomplish but how you do so is up to you. Kill everything is an option, though an equally valid option is to destroy a vital resource rendering your enemies helpless, or inciting a war by picking a fight with one side and then seeking shelter in a rival camp.

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Mars Needs Your Help!

Please support the cause over at Kickstarter.com

For the fate of Mars!

This campaign will provide more art, voice acting, audio design, and a lot more to Orbital Crush to transform it into the game it's meant to be.

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