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Omegalodon is a third-person multiplayer action game where players compete by attacking/defending the city. The Red Team is comprised of police and soldiers armed with an array of military vehicles and explosive weaponry. The Green Team is comprised of Omegalodon, a 100-foot shark monster, and the Enviros, equipped with a healing beam. The game plays like a backward tower-defense game, but with free-roaming capability and fast-paced, realtime action. Omegalodon's objective is a nuclear containment dome at the city center. The round will end if it is destroyed, the timer reaches zero, or if Omegalodon dies. Features: - Fully destructible environments - Dozens of drivable vehicles including helicopters, cargo ships, and jets - 30-minute round-based multiplayer - Dozens of simultaneous players - Story elements will full voice acting - Nine square miles of open world, spanning islands and cityscapes - A colorful, retro aesthetic

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A brilliant concept, but requires a larger playerbase to provide a greater experience, that which will hopefully rise in the future.

Good for a laugh...

feels clunky though.

Not often more than 2 people on any of the servers
And hasn't been updated in a long time...


Cool but not many servs :/


estier says

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It's a funny game,but (yes ''but'' is a bad word) could you create a Singelplayermode and a mode where you can build your own City and than you could use this map.

The main problem with this game is Omegalodon's constantly decreasing health level. It makes it impossible to play without a enviro in the game (since most folks like to be destructive and play as the military). Just because he's a big shark monster doesn't mean he's tough. Players have wised up now and will shoot from a safe enough distance to avoid Omegalodon's special attack but still be able to hurt him. It is also tough to harm enemies using his basic attacks because he is too slow to hit them and they are too wise to be close enough to him. Chasing ground enemies to attack them is suicide. They will run circles around you. It's best to ignore them and move on. Also, enviros need to learn that shooting Omegalodon does not restore his health, standing near him does. The entire game hinges on Omegalodon being a threat to the city. Without being able to keep him in the game, there is none. Destroying buildings to restore his health only works every so often, and the amount earned is really random but most of the time it's too small to be helpful, especially when you have armies raining hell down upon you. And since there's barely anyone playing this game at most times (1-7 players), starting up one as omegalodon vs a single enemy and no enviro to help guarantees failure. Omegalodon needs to be better balanced so that there is a constant presence of a nail-biting, edge of your seat tug of war between both teams, no matter how many people are playing, be it 2 or 20. The tension must always be present. Also, the camera is terrible. Fix it. And the airplanes fly strange. It would also be nice it they flew higher.

You've got a fantastic game here with a very unique experience. Keep supporting it and take folks suggestions as ways to improve upon it. I'd hate to see a project like this go to waste, especially when giant monsters are starting to make a comeback.

P.S. please tell us how to erupt the volcano and what those two blue crystals are for.

Really fun to play and very enjoyable for everyone

Def. fun! Playing as the moster is a blast! Could use a quick vehicle contol hint system or something though, it's hard to figure out how to fly, say, the spaceplane.

Like I said, fun though. Once there's a few more players online itll be a blast.


dedders says

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a brilliant example of a multiplayer only game. the third person camewra angle brings new life to drivers all around and makes those long shot rocket snipes all the more hard... and rewarding. an all round good game needs more players though


One Of The Best Games Ever

Super fun game and runs very smoothly even on my very slow computer

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A brilliant concept, but requires a larger playerbase to provide a greater experience, that which will hopefully rise in the future.

Mar 13 2012 by Pennyquicker