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Work in progress Using jogamp's jogl/joal bindings. First-person view, anime-style characters, large minecraft-like maps.

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This game is my first experiment as a game developer.
At start I even could not imagine what kind of game it will be.

From the beginning:

Implementing minecraft-like maps looks like a simple task at the start: rendering axis-aligned cube and calculating collisions for it are much simpler than doing same with custom geometries.

First experiment was successful: 32x32x32 scene was rendered using LWJGL. I have added light calculations for sun and torches, tried importing .obj models. Then I tried to increase scene size. And that was the end for initial version.

First experiment:
lightmap test

I started looking at different engines to choose from (versions from 0.1.1 up to 0.1.4) and finally ended with JOGL. It took a lot of time just to correctly setup camera for a first time, but i still think that was good decision. All source code was rewritten multiple times and now i have engine capable of rendering radius of 128 blocks withing 5ms on my machine. This is about 200fps in average. More modern PCs shows about 500fps and less powerful laptop did 80fps.

0.1.7 Performance: (note: on this screenshot lags was caused by eclipse IDE)
In-game lagometer

By the way i did some tries to import and render PMD models, bring bullets to engine, was experimenting a lot with all features of engine.

Complex terrain
I still not sure if i will use this feature (everybody will say that it "looks like minecraft" XD), but i'm trying to make terrain that will look interesting. I also have another idea about map generation to avoid comparison with MC, but that is for another article.

PMD models
Player models is another game aspect. You don't need them for a single player FPS game, but i was developing multiplayer from the start. PMD models comes from Miku-Miku Dance (MMD) software, able to make nice motions of anime-styled models for a dance videos. You can find this videos by searching MMD word on youtube, nicovideo or another video hosting. This models have bones for all you can imagine (fingers, eyes, skirt etc). So it's possible to make even good-looking cloth animation for a little cost of performance. At the moment i still have some unfinished work with materials, sphere textures, face animation and have a little performance issue. More or less finished animation of walking and jumping (see the final video).

Nothing is implemented yet worth to show, just a lot of ideas.

Latest video, introducing new model animations.

Final word
Olacraft is a codename. I have no idea what name it will take at release.
Even this is an experiment, I am trying to make unique, fast paced and enjoyable shooter.
A lot of work is still waits for me, but i'm not afraid :).

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LED7904 - - 10 comments

i aint paying for minecraft no matter what.so make it.

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Immortal-Arshole - - 6 comments

To get minecraft itself doesn't cost anything... To play ONLINE, costs money. Minecraft.net is the link to download minecraft.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Bubb9 - - 185 comments

I would like to see where this goes, but personally I think you should take off from just making the characters anime style and apply it to the world as well. It would give your game a better identity and make it harder to dismiss as a minecraft clone.

Darkout, for example, is a Terraria clone, but it is amazing looking and owns its artistic style.

If you're genuinely passionate and inspired then you should go for it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
olamedia Creator
olamedia - - 23 comments

It's harder to make unique style in 3D, because you can't do the same tricks you can do in 2D.

But anyway, i'll try a lot of ways and should find at least one good.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Volumed - - 169 comments

Minecraft for anime wannabes, oh no the world did not!

Better name: Fap Craft

I can maybe understand a blocky anime skin in minecraft is hard for you anime wannabes.

I wish this indie game a good place in the dark somewhere.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes
saltedDog - - 107 comments

Why you guys trying to make a fake Minecraft.Who's gonna play it anyway?Make your own game.Not a cheap half-Minecraft game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
olamedia Creator
olamedia - - 23 comments

Why guys was trying to create half-life? Even they purchased quake engine. Was it really a fake quake?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Lyaskavku - - 941 comments

Every one is just tired from Minecraft. No, i am not going to say that this project is bad, but...eeeeh...to much such projects.
А вообще, проще по Рюске.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
olamedia Creator
olamedia - - 23 comments

To much unfinished projects - thats true. But those finished are not bad. Take a look at the "Ace of spades" for example.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Lyaskavku - - 941 comments

Ace of spades died in steam.
I prefer old one.

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