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OIO is a scrolling platform puzzler, with simple yet intricate game elements with its main goal to collect all the orbs and fragments on each level to unlock the mystery and piece the story together. OIO, a little guy made of wood, awakes in a subterranean world where all his compatriots stand frozen in time. OIO does not remember what led him and his people into this dark sleep.

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A competant, if generic, platformer


I finished the game in about four hours or so. Very good platformer with good jumping mechanics & controls (so many games get those wrong). I liked the puzzles involving the seeds & trees/branches, and there's enough variety with the puzzle elements to keep you interested. Although the art style is not really to my taste, it is very well done and the characters are cute (even the big bad boss). The soundtrack is pretty good too. The story is a bit thin and cliched and I did not like the fact that you have to collect three special objects ("fresks") in each level to unlock the story panels (especially in the last boss level which can be rage-inducing hard and leaves you no time to collect the three fresks). Overall, however, it's very competent indie platformer and well worth the asking price (especially if you got in the Indie Royale bundle). I played it under Wine in Linux with no problems (it's made in Unity).

Nice atmosphere and very clever seed/tree system that exploits a great variety of situation!


Beautiful game, good controls, nice music. Very relaxing and funny.

toooooo boring.

10/10 !


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