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Choose your side in this multiplayer stealth game between the high powered Guards and the fast and elusive Thieves using your wits to outsmart the enemies or just make your way to the goal using bullets. It's a game with simple rules, emergent gameplay and very high replayability. You'll love it :D

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0nil says

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A very well developed tactical game using asymmetric gameplay characteristics. A variety of different gamemodes and maps available as well as a well thought editor which allows you to create your own maps.

Best of all, it's free and NOT pay to win! Definitely deserves to be more known and supported!


Mannaia秘 says

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Of Guards and Thieves is a stealth tactical shooter.

The game focuses on team tactics and maneuvers.
As a guard you will be mainly protecting precious objects, bomb sites or VIPs, relying on your powerful weapons and great amount of hp. As a thief you will have to steal the previously mentioned precious objects, plant bombs and kill VIPs (:P) using dark to your advantage, moving fast and misleading your counterpart.

OGAT benefits of realistic sounds and real time shadow/light system. Graphics surely is a forte of this game.

With the ftp release the community is getting bigger, so you won't be alone in the journey. Experienced players are often friendly and helpful, just ask :)
Even if at the beginning the game might seem really hard, after few time you will learn the most important mechanics.

I totally recommend this game 10/10

Well done SubvertGames


Halbern says

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I started to play this game alone. The game experience remained enjoyable.
But it's only since i joined its Discord server that it became incrediblly addicting!

100% recommand

This game is improving "everyday", the in-game community is still growing.
There are some bad elements that can be argued, but most of the bad reviews i've read are a result of a distorted image of the game i would say.

The developpers are really opened to their community and are doing their best to provide support when needed.

This game really gives you an original experience!

It has various types of modes -as soccer or racing-, but the gameplay is more centralized around the GAT mode. Which is the mode you will initially experience when you'll first try out the game. (Don't try Massive tdm "first" (#rip))

In the GAT mode, there are two teams. Red team and Blue team.
That will lead a battle in order to gain territory and achieve their mission.

Both of Blue and Red teams' missions are centered around the fact that there are several objects scattered in the map you will play on.

If you're on the blue Team, you'll have to protect a map with your team as a Guard. But be aware of darkness, and try to protect the main paths that leads to the objects.
As a red team player, you'll be a thief and have to steal an objective that will be displayed on your screen -this objective of course is unknown from the guards-. You'll have a permanent night vision that allows you too see in darkness. But be aware of guards defence strategy.

You can play this mode in official maps but also on +400 public custom maps (some are ****** but though... we have some artists in here...) that had been built by the community. (and yes you can build your own maps and it is incredibely customizable)

By the way you will find really competitive players (in massive tdm (just don't go there #rip) as well as casual players playing hide and seek or "slasher" for instance haha
+ there's an OGAT Academy that is meant for people that wish to simply learn the game and improve... or to be part of the competitive scene.

And though, there are issues and having people complaining about it is reasonable and understandable.
Yet i would just suggest you to try it out. I really had a great time in OGAT and i believe you will authentically enjoy the game's experience.

I essentially play OGAT because of it's gameplay. Which allows to have a pretty good mindgame battle between you and your oppennets and i find it really enjoyable.
Once you understood the basics you'll understand why this game is awesome.

For the ones interested, try to join its Discord server it will help you avoid many misunderstandings.

See you on the field!


CatUser says

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300+ Hours great fun game

PS Pixel is Gay


Neon$hit says

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This is the best indie top down shooter ever , just try it out yourself and see .


asdasdsadasdsadsa says

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I love this game, played over 700 hours and they still adding new stuff


Cast101 says

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