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Octopede brings a 70's arcade classic to the 21st century! In Octopede, you play as a lone computer program in the desperate search for more megabytes. With more ‘data’ eaten, the system becomes increasingly more aware of your presence, sending out enemies and obstacles to try and eradicate you. Equipped with a large array of weaponry ‘the worm’ must blast its way through hordes of deadly virus, bugs and glitches to collect the data rich discs. Traverse the system interface in 8 directions to manoeuvre around treacherous firewalls and deadly enemies. For those tough enough to fight their way through the system, deadlier foes await you. Only those that can show true heroic dedication and true skill can then go on to face 'The Core'! Manic gameplay, shiny neon graphics and 8-bit style music and sound effects make for a truly intense experience. Many press reviews for Octopede can be found on our site at www.orbitalgames.co.uk/press

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Author cares about feedback and provides consistent updates. Upon first playing the game I was not too impressed. Giving it further play I find it a fun quick blaster for my breaks at work.

The price is good, if you're into these kind of games! :] I like authors that are concerned enough to contact players about issue's within the game as well.

My main gripe is the cell-based movement, it feels a bit wierd for a snake game that involves blasting enemies and quick reaction times. Definitely takes getting used to and a bit of practice.

Great offering for fans of classic action/arcade games. You can expect flashy retro visuals, hectic and dynamic gameplay, and a fast and exciting soundtrack. Lots of abilities and enemies, and even a couple bosses along the way.

For the price, it's hard to beat this one for sheer arcade action.


The gameplay is good. I love that bit. However, the gameplay is marred by bad controls. Maybe you could allow us to use the numpad, or allow all 8 directions to be a single stick. Until then, the game is flawed.


Really fun little game.. although starts slow and simple, it's quite hard to get far. The juggernaut is a little too easy and the core is pretty damn hard!

On the contrary to the last review, the numpad does work and like they state in the tips and tutorial you can mix and match control sets to suit your play style. Personally, I thought the control set was rather intuitive.

All in all, another bargain for a great indie game!


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