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Obludia is an old-school arcade arena action inspired by classics such as Robotron or Smash-TV with RPG elements. Slay the Evil! Full Game Features - 50 levels full of thrilling action! - 8 Deadly weapons and Nice Spells! - Old-School arcade gameplay - Local co-op: Play single player or together with a friend! - Xbox360 gamepad support - Destroy Hordes of monsters like: Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders and more. - Fight with 5 powerful Bosses. - Avoid Dangerous traps - Save the Princess (she is not princess... be careful) - Level Up your little hero and collect many Special power-ups! - AND MUCH MORE!

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Not bad for an alpha. Pretty fun. Nice graphic design (childlike) and decent tunes. Needs more in terms of gameplay.

Cons:- limited weapons and items, some are not so practical.
- not much replay value
- chests with gold are not very rewarding, compared to the rarity of keys, i don't really see the benefit of that mechanic.
- the time between death and starting a new game needs to be shortened, I don't want to add my name to the board every time I fail.

buy it because in near future become moreeeee powerfull,we want it on steam also


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As far as Alpha goes, this is pretty damn enjoyable, I like the dog there so I don't have to run around and pick up every single gold piece on the ground. Shooting is easy and I like the variety of enemies, before you can say "oh these again" you get to a different area with whole new enemy types. Some areas are challenging at the begining and you really have to watch out to not get overwhelmed by enemies.
For what the game lacks or need more of
Upgrades, I really would like to see more of them. Faster Running, shots that reflect from the walls a few time, faster shooting and I think that's it. Of course there's this leveling up after each boss but now I am talking about the pickup upgrades. Maybe acid shots, that hurts the enemies after hiting them, split shots that will cause your shots fly less farther but will split in 3 directions etc.
I would like to see more consumable items and pets, like the bat that is flying around and shooting enemies.
I found the game being really easy if I went all demage upgrades in level ups, than I didn't get hit anymore, just a few times.

Add more content and balance the difficulty and this game will be awesome.


I picked this up as of Alpha 1.8 and I think in its current state it was a lot of fun. It felt like the right combination between Robotron, Smash TV and even Binding of Isaac.

The graphics and overall art style are nice, the levels had enough design to keep them from looking bland and only a small amount of the monsters were recycled keeping it from feeling stale. The music and sound were good, but it needs some more variety in sound effects.

Overall it still needs some more content updates and balancing but it was worth the purchase as is for me and worth a thumbs up on Steam Greenlight as well.


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