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Nitronic Rush is an experimental survival driving game developed by students at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

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Great gameplay with creative graphics. Wicked!


Icedecknight says

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Within 10 minutes of finding this game, I was playing. What an absolute fantastic start of an indie-racing game. Even at this early game stage; or that where I think it's at if not final, It got me hooked with its highly "arcady" game play which brings back nostalgic memories from N64 games. It reminds my heavily of the iOSX game Jet Car Stunts which I beat multiple times. Great start, hope devs go overdrive on this, and I will give a more thorough review when a bigger version is available.


After seeing a trailer I was sold.

I installed the game and started playing... Wow.
The students at DigiPen Institute of Technology have really done their homework.

Everything runs smoothly, and the graphical style is futuristic and sharp. And the soundtrack. The soundtrack is a big part of the experience and it has received a lot of love. It has hard, aggressive style to it and it makes you want to go faster and faster.

The gameplay is simple, a bit similar to Trackmania, but with a twist.
Your car has some neat tricks which you need use to make it trough the innovative and challenging obstacle courses. The powerups are a jump, a boost and side thrusters to tilt your vehicle to make it around corners and tilt/spin your car. And of course, this car can fly, too! Do a barrel roll! This may initially sound a bit gimmicky but the tracks can change from a normal race-track to a flight course so you actually need to use them all to get to the finish line.

Once you finish the story mode you will probably spend a lot of time running the stunt tracks and the challenge modes and getting the achievements and unlockables.

This game is a real gem among the racers, and it is free as well, so I can't see any reason why you shouldn't give it a go.

this game is brilliant! not sure why it took so long to get this game here but boy am i glad it is. hope everyone enjoys this game as much as me. the stunt mode brings me back to the days of Rush 2 on N64. ahh the memories, slapping a V12 in a slam van and watching it do some of the craziest flip you could imagine. the game is beautiful as well, this could make an argument for the whole 'are games art' debate. its like someone put jolly ranchers and black lights in a blender and poured it on my screen.

do not deny yourself the chance to play this game...
download it now!

******* awesome game.Hard, cool soundtrack, and free.

God bless the guys at DigiPen for making this game, and the homage to Rush 2049.

Make it so you can use a steering wheel and or PS2 controls

Awesome game :)

il et énorme

This is an absolutely fantastic game, it's great to see it is moving to other platforms.

Played this a while before it comes to Desura.
This. Is. Awesome.
And that soundtrack.... <3