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NetTD is a 2D space-based shooter with a handful of planned game modes. The game began as a multiplayer tower defense, hence the nickname NetTD, but has evolved far past that in our expectations. Players will take control of ships, which will have unique abilities, and will outfit them with turrets and modules as they would like. Tower defense games will take place on rectangular maps in which creeps and their paths are pre-determined. Players can construct towers on pre-determined platforms in the map. All of the pre-determined aspects are packaged in the map files and a map editor will be available for use at launch. The tower defense aspect offers a unique way to play the TD genre by forcing unconventional strategies and solutions.

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NetTD: An overview


1. The Plan
2. Current State
3. The near Future

1. The Plan
The best line out for the general idea of the game is posted on reddit.Go there for more information and discussion.

2. Current State
The client and server run reliably, but with minimal content.
There are 4 DeathMatch maps, 9 player ships and one projectile.
Grand isn't it?

There is still a vast amount of work to be done on the engine and the current playable build is mainly a proof of concept. Of many game aspects there is nothing to be found yet.

A short, vague overview on the progress of planned systems:

Player Ship base mechanics: 40%
Basically functional

Weaponry: 5%
Only basic projectiles exist, capable of:
Penetrating multiple targets
fly straight, in a spiral, rotate, in a sinus curve or spread out.
No drones, missiles, AoE, DoT or effects(debuffs).

Creeps: 20%
Basically functional with AI, subtypes and minimal collision physics.
Towers & Platforms: 10&#xTh;ere is a platform for towers that spins around doing nothing. That's it.
Modding: 75u;lly capable modloader, allowing access to any game aspect. Simple text based database injection, which can be distributed by a server. Currently supports Python and C, possibly LUA in the future.

User Generated Content: 80%
Custom maps, custom languages, custom databases, mods and texture packs are all fully working.
There is no editor for maps, but they are in a simple text format (JSON) which can be manually edited.

Graphics Engine: 70%
Options implemented:
Double & Triple Buffering (Vsync)
FPS Limiter
Multi Monitor Support* (more explanation later)
3 Camera modes
Anisotropic Filtering (The game is 2D, so it's useless. But maybe mods will use it)
Texture Filtering & Interpolation (10 modes total)

GUI: 10%
Basic display GUI exists, but nothing interactable yet.

As far as multi monitor support goes:
You can fullscreen the game on any monitor
You can fullscreen the game across all monitors, currently the game will automatically pick the closest monitor's center of the bunch to use as camera center. So your ship will never be split in half if you use an even amount of monitors.

3. The near Future
DeathMatch will be worked on, as a solid base. Hopefully soon that allows us to upload a multiplayer gameplay video.

NetTD maps manual editing

NetTD maps manual editing

Mapping/Technical Tutorial

Guide to create and edit NetTD maps with just a text editor.

NetTD Windows Server setup

NetTD Windows Server setup

Server Tools Tutorial

Step by step guide to run a NetTD dedicated server on windows

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