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Natural Selection 2 is the sequel to the popular Half-Life mod Natural Selection. It is built on our own engine and will be distributed through Valve's Steam platform.

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Like the classic Half Life mod, NS2 is an excellent multiplayer shooter that blends first person shooter genre with real time strategy elements.


I would have given the game a 10 but i just made this account to rate the game and it wouldn't let me give it anything higher then an 8 because my account was to new. this game deserves a 10

If you liked:
natural selection 1
savage 1 and 2
command and conquer renegade

You will like this game.

just need to love this game. realy fxxxxxx good game.

I absolutely adore this game. So yes, I am definitely biased.

It has all the things which make a team based shooter fun - ie: teamwork, guns. But then it gives us asymmetric sides, so it's guns vs. teeth, claws, arm spikes. This leads to tense confrontations between spinning, careening packs of aliens and their ill-protected, rifle armed prey.
But then on top of the fun of individual encounters, on top of listening as aliens skitter through the ventilation systems, on top of waiting for the perfect moment to appear and tear marines to shreds, there is an entertaining meta-game.

The team's commander views the battle like an RTS, building and researching, instructing the rest of the team of the current state of the game and ordering them to do specific things. An overall strategy usually quickly emerges, around which the team unites. The goal, however, is always the same: Destroy the Enemy's Command Structure - A Hive for aliens, a Command Chair for marines.

The to-and-fro of battle makes for surprisingly cerebral games, with a Comm deciding that the team must control some rooms but being willing to give up a few others. Deciding where and when to drop a second base. "Shotguns or Proximity Mines first?" "Is anyone here a good fade? Yes? Researching Blink." "Onos in spawn! Onos in SPAWN! ONOSINSPAAAAAWN!"

A smart shooter.

From Goldsource to a Fullfledged game, this FPS/RTS game keeps players on their toes and demands solid teamwork. This shooter is definitely not for everyone.

Gameplay: The gameplay revolves around two teams: The Humands and the Aliens. Both have their pro's and cons allowing for balanced gameplay rarely found in any commercial title. Some will prefer the gun wielding humans while others might prefer the smaller, sneakier, but much faster aliens. Either way, Technology upgrades for the humans and evolving for the aliens provide an equal chance to counter the enemy attacks.

Graphics: This game really is quite beautiful. It took the dark, grim environments found in the Goldsource mod and turned them into tense mazes filled with vents for aliens to flank humans and side passages for humans to flank the aliens. Even these smaller areas look amazing, though. This game has incredible graphics for an indie title.

Summary: This game will present a challenge for newcomers to the series. Unlike most modern games, you cannot set your goal to be the top of the score board. You have to focus on helping your teammates and following the Commander's orders to successfully destroy the enemy forces. The graphics are incredible as well allowing for the environment to grow and thrive. I highly recommend this game to veterans of the FPS genre, but I would also recommend this to fans of RTS games as well. The combination of FPS and RTS is rarely found in a game and in some cases where it is, it fails. This game, however, allows such a system to thrive incredibly well. If there is any doubt in your mind about whether or not to purchase this incredible title, whether it be steam which turns you away or are unsure for any other reason, buy it. You will not regret it.

Because i liked fps and rts

Good FPS and RTS hybrid let down by terrible performance issues on decent computers and really super fast moving standard alien that makes regular encounters playing as a marine, a real trial...

One of the best games, ever. I've had tons of fun so far.. and millions of fun ahead. :)

Performance is quite horrible, but artwork and gameplay is superb. Can't believe that this is an Indie title and not made by Valve. I give this a very high rating because I believe the developers will patch this game until it is completely optimized. Plus, I loved the original Half-Life mod. A genre defining milestone in computer game history.


Once they work our the performance issues and other known issues this game will be one of the best.