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Naev is an open-source 2D space action game set in the far future. Explore, fight and trade your way across the galaxy, befriend mighty factions and take sides in conflicts, all while upgrading your ships and equipment.

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awesome game, really adictive, nice music


Oddity says

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Great game! Takes a while to learn the ropes but not long enough to discourage the players. It's simple but the missions are well written and some of them have a cliffhanger to keep you interested. In my opinion, it's not a perfect 10 because there are some minor bugs and there's always room for improvement. Keep it up!


This game is awesome. Beautiful scenes of space, great ships and combat(a little har though). Great job, Naev Dev Team

A really cool space simulator.
There are many ships and every kind of weapons and enhancements of the world.
The hyperdrive transport system is most perfectly as I ever seen in over simulators.

Thanks to the developer and publisher!


Losing sleep at night playing this one. Lots of fun and great story so far :)

I've been playing in this game for a few months now. I'm not a hardcore, all-my-freetime gamer, I just like to take my time and unwind in it here and there. I find this game easy to learn (my kids age 5-9 love to play it) and not time demanding, but very fun. I love this game! I hope to one day make my own mods for it, but until then I will continue to enjoy this gem. Thanks so much! (^_^)


Play the hell out of this, for it is da bomb


kreeja says

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Pretty cool :D

but i have some big Lag issues wile fast traveling ...

the bigger my ship gets the bigger the lag is wile fast travel ...
someone knows how to fix that ?


intok says

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The only thing I don't love about this game is having to search for jump locations.


I do not like the fight and ship controls in this game

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awesome game, really adictive, nice music

Feb 8 2012 by pg1982