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Roguelike-like redefined! This graphical adventure pits a party of characters against a procedurally generated world made up of treacherous forests, caves and, of course, a mysterious castle! Turn based combat based on (but not limited by) the award winning and ubiquitous SRD 3.5 standard provides endless tactical possibilities, as you go up against parties of Orcs, Undead, Dark Elves, Demons and more! Collect amazing items to wield in battle, study old tomes to increase your skills, and gather mushrooms to brew into powerful spells. An incredibly minimal interface devoid of the clutter so common to roguelikes lets you perform both simple and complex actions with ease. Lighthearted coffee-break combat or meticulous powergaming, the choice is yours. Fast paced, Turn based. Simple interface, Complex possibilities.

Post news RSS Mysterious Castle 1.9, a Tactics-Roguelike.

Fast paced, turn based. Simple interface, complex possibilities. Watch the new trailer and see how after almost a year of demos and betas, Mysterious Castle has reached a new level of fun, smooth gameplay. Try out the latest version and explore a vast randomly generated land of dark forests, even darker caves, and mysterious castles!

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Mysterious Castle is emerging as a genre-breaking game, one that mixes tactical combat, roguelike exploration, and RPG elements. First and foremost watch the new trailer:

I'm going to be posting a few more videos in the near future, keep an eye on www.mysteriouscastle.com for those.

The game has come so far from it's humble roots, yet it still has so much room for growth. I'm very happy with what 1.9 offers, a fresh experience every time you play, a minimal and simple (albeit unconventional) interface, challenging tactical combat, hidden treasures, a really fun world to explore. Now is the time to reflect and consider the future of this game, and it has a bright future. I'm overflowing with ideas, and not nearly enough time to implement them all. Here is a tiny sampling of what to expect:

Better and larger world generation.
Each game generates a unique forest, with a unique topography. But it's going to get more epic. There are going to be more landmarks, such as rivers, cliffs, islands, fields.

Real people (err... monsters) with real history.
The RPG elements are sparse right now, but the possibilities are huge. Why do Kobolds hang out in the forest? The motivation and relationships of forest denizens will be greatly expanded on.

More items, crafting, spells, everything.
Items are fun. Spells are fun. Discovering is fun. I'd like to expand the realm of discovery by adding so much more to discover.

Bigger parties, clans, factions.
When you help someone out, they tend to remember that kind of thing, and they try to help you out in turn. Why not have some temporary additions to your party? Perhaps a guide, a ranger, a wizard.

Money, trading.
I'm going to approach this one cautiously, because I don't want to put too much emphasis on cash, but a good economic system is plain fun (for some folks).

If I had to write out all my ideas, it'd end up being a novel. Besides, I'd like to keep my best ideas secret *wink*. The bottom line remains, Mysterious Castle has so much room for growth, and it's exciting. Where will the game be in a years time? Somewhere awesome.

I'm very interested in hearing your comments and suggestions, what do you want from Mysterious Castle? Feel free to reach me via www.mysteriouscastle.com or go ahead and comment here on IndieDB, I'm always dropping by.


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