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What is Monster MMORPG ? Monster MMORPG is a free to play, browser based, full scale MMORPG game with development driven by our player base. Currently, the game is being developed by Furkan Gözükara (M.Sc.) with the help of volunteer players and artists. Check the credits for more information. The game started as a free online Pokemon MMORPG but was taken down for a period of time and converted into Monster MMORPG Version 1. We kept the Pokemon style game play, but are no longer infringing on Nintendo's copyright. While Nintendo drags its feet on making an online Pokemon MMORPG, we continue to add content and build onto the base of our game. We have since moved onto Version 2, with a cleaner interface, NPC challenges, and many more features on the way! The game is continually improving. If you are familiar with Pokemon style games, you will have no problem getting started in Monster MMORPG.

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Great game. love it a lot. Play every day. Cool people fun world.


good game great time to pass the time and really addicting



I suggest you to play this game 'cause it's just awesome.
I can't find the right words for the fun I already had and I am playing since last month.
The community is awesome, the Monsters are awesome, everything is awesome.

Thanks and I hope to see you ingame soon,


i love this game cause i love some cute monsters.My rate is 10 but it is not registering cause it says that i am a newbie and cant vote above 8!

also this game has more event , updated and no cheaters so i love it!


I started to play this game because my friend also played this game as well. Since this is the first time i play this kind of game, so firstly i was quite fed up because I couldn't find the way to the next map. But, after knowing how to do this and that, actually i find it was quite addicting. And also i wanna thanks monstermmorpg admin and those who had contribute to this game. Because of you all this game had improve by alot.

I could only vote 8 cause I just registered. Otherwise I would rate 11 lol. I really really love this game, it's pretty easy to play and is still fun after like 2 years. There are over 1500+ Monsters you are able to catch or to battle against!

Keep up the awesome Work, Furkan,

Greets, Crobbywobby


if i can submit 10 i will submit it.. but i only can submit 8 cause just registered.. this game is the longest online game i ever play.. and make me really addicted..thanks to furkan for his great work on this game :D

I have played this since it was a pokemon game. Furkan is working hard.I have got only one problem with this game and it is SOUND.) But i hope it will come soon :)
If you are a pokemon/digimon/monster gamer you have to try this game once. Than you will love it and you will be addicted :)

I would give it a 10 but it has no sound so a 9 it get for me. Its pretty much a awesome pokemon mmorpg, with there own unique monsters.


Unique game

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