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The reviewers say: "I would entirely recommend this game, it’s hours of fun and will not wear out quick. Each twist and turn, every near-miss, you’ll be clinging onto your mouse for dear life!" -Bytten "MMEOR dispenses away with any backstory and just lays on the action – the kind that is fast and furious." -GamesWarp Monster Minis Extreme Off-Road lays on the nitrous in a big way and gets some serious air off with retro racing that takes off-road in new directions. A retro look and a surreal style are only the beginning of the ways that this single-player title takes you back to when racing was a personal experience for as long as you could handle it. With a whopping 90 tracks over 18 themes, you'll be racing for hours and hours before you finish this game on the first run.

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MiniKK says

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I love this game! The game is HUGE - lots of tracks so I get a lot of play time - quite a deal for the $$. The game has lots of different challenges that make it fun to play. I like the different places to race too - the toxic green sludge track is a favorite - the colored lights under the trucks look fantasic! The music on the winter ice track is perfect - if ice could be depicted in music - this is it! Geez - the matrix track in a blue grid is waaaaaay out there unique! I've never seen an idea for a track like this one! Great Fun!

This game is looking great. Good job guys.

Fun little racer.

The environments are nice, and look decent enough, and the truck models aren't bad either. Gameplay is smooth, and the framerate is solid. The racing is fast and loose, allowing for epic jumps and high speed action.

However, there's also no multiplayer support, which is almost unfathomable to me. The game is perfectly suited to playing with others, so why can't we? (I have little to no knowledge of game development)

The only other issues are minor; the sometimes-confusing menu system and the fact that there's no real tutorial are annoying, but not really that detrimental.

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Monster Minis is a fast, furious, and fun arcade racer, but still has a few issues that may turn some players away.

That said, it's still a decent arcade racer for the price, and fans of the genre should check it out.

A good racing game has to feel tight not floaty. I think that Monster Minis captures that controlled feeling. The mouse controls work great and there is lots of variety to the game.


It might look simple, but there is a lot more to this game than meets the eye. Forget the "on-rails" type of racing you get in most big-budget offerings, in Monster Minis you really feel like you are in the truck. On that note, using the mouse for steering takes a little getting used to, but stick with it - the extra control it gives makes me wish more games offered this feature.

There are a TON of tracks to master, with great variation in length and theme. The AI is very competitive, and trying to get all gold trophies in "Competition" mode is a real challenge!

Overall - an excellent racing game you won't regret trying out!

This game is "Amazingly" fun. It isn't like all the other cookie cutter racers where speed needs to be your top priority to win a race. There is a certain level of challenge to this one. This racer makes you feel like your controlling a "Monster Truck", so you need to focus on control if you want to win. Speed is important, but if you take a turn to fast and twitch the steering back or forth you will flip, just like if you tried to do it in a real Monster Truck,and probably lose the race. It is unique!
I made it thru 9 races of placing last(alot of fun even while losing}before I started to get the hang of driving using my mouse. I briefly tried using the keyboard, but went back to the mouse because I couldnt stop oversteering and would flip my truck. When you buy this game after reading this review, stick with mouse controls, it has a slight learning curve/adjustment period, but its the best and most fun way to go.
The Monster Trucks are customizable in a lot of different ways, Tire Style, Suspension, Model of Truck, Paint style, Wheel style, Wheel color, Spoilers, and more...plus! Ready for it? LIMO MONSTER TRUCKS!!!!!! It just doesnt get any better than........LIMO MONSTER TRUCKS!!!!!!
I am not one of those guys that pass out "10" ratings unless I think it deserves a "10". (check my past ratings for proof)
Dont even stop to ponder. Buy this game IMMEDIATELY! MONSTER LIMO's.............

I really really want to like this game, but the controls are waaaaaaay too sensitive, so it's too hard to get into.


titi2 says

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It has a lot of tracks and is very hard to play ( with keyboard ). Its graphically simple but really good. ... and thanks for the linux version!


Loved the demo, bought the game! Very fun :)

I'm not a huge racing game fan, but this game is great..not for the game modes or upgrade options, but for the gameplay itself - it's just really good fun. On the face of it, it's quite simple, but there's lots to consider in how you play and not just pushing on à grande vitesse and jamming the nitro whenever it appears.

The different tracks not only look different and have different routes, but the physics change as well..thankfully some of the more evil ones can be avoided until you've gotten the hang of it.

Great to see it on Linux too, given our paucity of racing titles!

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