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MMT is Steam-Punk MMORPG demo that is under development by RunServer - authors of middleware for massive MMO servers. Two years ago our company created MMORPG game prototype called MMT in medieval fantasy setting. Demo used bleeding-edge Unigine 3D engine and RunServer middleware. It was presented on Moscow GDC 2009 (KRI) and then suspended. While the project were rather proof of concept than real game, it had a lot of functionality including rich gameplay, combat, magic system, leveling, classes, items, loot, etc. Now in year 2011 MMT is being reborn on Linux and Mac OS X. We have set out to develop a full-featured MMORPG in a steampunk-fantasy setting with traditional third-view camera and ASWD control. Game engine was updated to recent version with a lot of improvements and visal effects and now we run on OpenGL.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the lowest acceptable hardware?
A: Demo runs smoothly on NVidia GeForce 8600 and higher. However it is possible to launch it on any hardware with SM 3.0 support. To increase FPS you can adjust mmt.ini file and set static light mode with Light = 2

Q: Why your demo crashes on my Intel GMA 965 (950, X3100, etc.) card?
A: There is no full OpenGL 2.1 support for such cards in Linux and Mesa driver that is partial or fully software is not supported by game engine. Update: allquixotic from Project Bossanova forum found a way to solve the issue, read his post for further details.

Q: How are you going to make the game open source with proprietary engine?
A: There would be large binary "black box" libUnigine.so containing proprietary code. All other client (game logic, executable files, assets, etc.) would be open source.

Q: You mentioned that a PS3 port is also possible if needed, does that mean you will buy the 40k license for the project? Why not the 25k version?
A: We already have binary Indie license for 10k that is enough to make Linux game and then port it to Windows if needed. On some stage (i.e. if there would be a lot of users voting for OSX, PS3 or Android support) we could upgrade it to make another ports.

Q: What does MMT means?
A: Actually.. Nothing :) it was just a typo in MMO folder name. We'll either change a name or invent something to match the abbreviation.

Q: Are sure that a monthly fee system will be successful? Do you have any experiences with such a system? What are your expectations regarding the playerbase of MMT? What is the critical subscriber amount which can sustain the servers and continous support?
A: Actually RunServer have NDA with Ohso so there are many things we cannot share alike our opinion to monthly fee, free-2-play vs pay-2-play systems, etc. Leave organisational questions to Ohso guys - we act only as a developer, not a publisher or sponsor.

Q: Why MMO? We need offline games like Oblivion or Morrowind!
A: Development of single player RPG game is MUCH harder than you could ever imagine. Tons of content, dozens of NPCs, dialogs, quests, locations, etc... Without 50-man team it would take decades. On the other hand in MMO games players are not limited to fixed content provided by creators - regardless of amount of quests and mobs, players can form guilds and alliances, hunt for each other, build their own towns, gather huge raids for epic battles and siedges.

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