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Millennium is an award-winning old-school RPG full of quests (40 in total!) and secrets by Aldorlea Games (www.aldorlea.org) and featuring a superb soundtrack, beautiful artworks and a rich gameplay. Play as Marine as she has just one month to find 12 warriors and try to win the elections of Mystrock, the biggest town in the world, so to change the fates of all her friends and family. But in a world so desolated, and claimed by countless monsters, the task is not going to be easy!

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my first RPG by Aldorlea Games and it's pretty fun. not so great story, but nice length and difficulty. tons of secrets and easter eggs makes it a longer experience. I've also enjoyed the fact the main character is a girl with a strong personality, a nice change from the always male-oriented RPGs.

Great game, with epic storyline and wonderful characters!


Millennium is the first episode of a series of 5 games, each time you finish a game you get very eager and excited to play the sequel. The story is marvelous, the music is perfect, beautiful graphics, great dialogs between characters and of course, characters who have been pass through meticulous work... each one of them with their own great personality. With great places to explore, lots of side-quests to do and great secret rooms with awesome rewards to find. Millennium is your perfect non-linear RPG to try.

I have to admit I've never really been a fan of the 2D RPG.....UNTIL NOW!!!
WOW, this game is great. Ran it for the first time today and got sucked into the world for nearly 3 hours non stop. Only realised how long I had been playing when I finally died for the first time on the first Boss encounter. It's full of places to explore and things to find, and the mechanics are great.


Pretty much as good as the sequel, I guess I slightly prefer number 2 because I've got a soft spot for Abu the tribal warrior. :)


Very good game. Has the option to let you choose between visible or invisible encounters which is the first time I've seen it in a RPG. Neat!

I love indie old-school RPG and this is one of the best!

I've tried other Aldorea games (Laxius Force, etc), but for some reason this game caught my attention. It's obviously not perfect, yet something about it makes me ignore those faults.

The story is rather boring, and the characters aren't fully fleshed out. The writing isn't that great and there is a LOT of text to read. The world lacks a coherent backstory. It's as if the writer is trying to use the game to write the lore, instead of having the game exist in a world filled with lore.

The graphics aren't that great, and they are pretty cheesy. However, there are a few time I was surprised. You might say that this game is an unpolished gem. That's not surprising considering the company puts out a game every month (and charges a ridiculous amount for each).

The music is also something to be turned off. It's very good, honestly, but it repeats too often.

This game filled an itch for a traditional RPG that I've been feeling for far too long. Yes, it has it's problems, but it accomplishes everything fairly well. The story was straightforward, but in this instance it was a good thing. I'm sick and tired of every game needing to have a revolutionary plot twist in it's story. Whatever happened to enjoying a good solid traditional story?

Millenium is a solid traditional RPG that plays well. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something laid back.

Note: When playing this game, it doesn't provide warnings for when quests will become invalid. If it's not played with a strategy guide, you will miss out on any good weapons and armor. You will miss out on all the side quests that help give the world it's character. Most of the quests focus on, literally, hiding something from you in the most obscure way that is humanly possible. You can still enjoy it without a strategy guide, but it would be awfully hollow without one.


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