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You're Alfred Robbins... You're 42 years old and work at a local post office. It's the night before Christmas, and you've just recently returned home after working overtime. Neither you nor your wife has had the time to make the proper arrangements for a Christmas celebration, and you've decided to use this last night to surprise your family. Times have been rough, so make do with what you have and celebrate the holidays to your best effort.

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EricVanWilderman says

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As a fan of point an click adventure games of the past, this game is great. It doesn't hold your hand much, and I like games that do that because it doesn't treat you like a complete fool.

Also that twist at the end is amazing.


bonkers1995 says

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I'm crying lol


Robinndahood says

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Shame it was so short!
Still seemed like a good game though.


shaunaitcheson says

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atmospheric little tale, brilliant ending!!! recommended


royaldecree says

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Wow.. all i can say about this game is that it makes me feel something for the main character thats for sure.

i liked it <3


sth013 says


akram09 says


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RozaldVaneGAME says

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