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Delve is an asymmetric survival horror party game wherein three miners must attempt to gather enough coal to light the mine, killing the shadowy monster that lurks within. Alternatively, playing as the monster, you must kill the miners, or hinder them until sundown when you can leave the mine and wreak havoc on the town. Requires two monitors and four players.

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Weekly update #4 of the asymmetric party game, Delve

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What's New?

* Polish and finalization in audio, sprites, and UI

* Monster can cave-in and echolocate miners

* New, larger level

* Miners can see furnace location at all times

* Coal respawns when below a threshold

* Improvements to the tutorial

What's the Motivation?

* Getting the game to a final, playable state

* Guiding players more effectively

* Adding juice to the game

What's Next?

* This is the final release of the project

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