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MageFire is a fantasy turn-based battle between Wizards, Witches, Shamans and Sorceresses for up to four players. Control powerful and weird creatures in your quest to dominate the spellbinding lands. Drop bears (with parachutes!) behind enemy lines, capture the souls of your enemies with haunting Spectres to send back at them as ghosts and raise the dead to create instant armies of Skeletons, Death Dragons and Lords of Chaos! Ride into battle on the back of a unicorn, or an undead nightmare, or through sea and river on the top of a giant crab! Arm up your mage with various weapons or stand atop a flying carpet and blast your foes apart with powerful magicks... the choice is yours and each battle is different! Numerous scenarios to pick from featuring various types of terrain that can block or slow movement for some or all creatures (such as water which amphibious creatures may pass through but others cannot), doors that can only be opened by humanoid creatures and high ground that

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