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Enter a cut-throat world where only the toughest survive. Join a Mafia Family and work together to defeat your rivals on many fronts. Become the best at your chosen field, and win prizes + medals. Fair and equitable prize structure gives everyone a chance to win - if they're good enough.

The foundation of the game is simple. Use your turns to out-expand, out-collect, and out-muscle your enemy. Dive deeper into the game mechanics and you'll uncover new strategies and tactics to keep yourself on the front foot. New ways are regularly becoming available to get ahead, and only a small portion of them have yet been explored.

Each round is a new opportunity to win new prizes.

Suitable for hardcore gamers and casuals alike.

Sign up for free at Made Man Mafia or read our Introduction to MMM for more details.

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The tutorial at MMM doesn't really follow conventional wisdom. We find that many game tutorials are too exhaustive and overload the player. So we take a different approach.

No Spoon-feeding.

This tutorial is designed to get you to teach yourself rather than spoon-feed the "correct" thing to do. You're free to explore the game, or ignore the tutorial altogether. You're given a series of sequential goals, and a tip on how to complete each one.

That way, the reward for figuring out your goal feels like it's been earned. Below you can see an example of the type of challenge you'll receive. This is actually the first challenge that new players will see, and it can be completed in about 10 seconds if you know how to click a link and fill in a simple form.

Made Man Mafia Learn challenge 1

The system does get progressively harder, and once you've played at least 5 rounds, you'll gain access to higher level challenges with bigger rewards and more to learn.
This method is fairly innovative in that it takes a late-game mechanic and serves as a tutorial for completing tasks.

Prominent challenges.

We've also added a new section to the main landing page inside the game. The idea here is to encourage engagement with the challenges which may have seemed tucked away before. Placing it in a prominent position should help more people find out how to get started with the game.

MMM New internal landing page

Play Made Man Mafia today!

Check out the ongoing development at MadeManMafia.com

Guest - - 687,512 comments

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Nice game!

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bothkiller - - 1 comments

I would say it's a very good game if you like text based games that gets your blood pressure high then I would 100% say check this out

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

If you're looking for something different than what you're use to come and check this game out yourself I promise you won't regret it

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Great game and Great owner. These games are dwindling in popularity, but this game is fun and still has active players. Not hard to navigate

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

I'm not usually a review guy, but I came across this place and figured I'd leave a shout out for MMM.

I've been playing these Mafia games since 2008, and MMM is top notch. The Family Missions are easily the best feature I've ever came across on any of these games, and I'm on all of them.

It's not just your typical "collect money" thing, there's like 6 different family missions. Turf Wars, Pipe Bombs, Cripto Mining, Extortion. If you learn how to utilize them properly you can compete with an 8 man family all by yourself, which I think is a great concept, especially for new players.

The cash prizes are set up nicely, too. You don't have to win the round to win money, there's prizes for top killers, you even get a free 10 day subscription on your birthday, and can win MMM cash just by getting lucky on your hourly intel.

The owner Dave is a cool dude who goes out of his way to help anybody who wants to learn how to play. I'm not an admin I'm just a player but I'd definitely recommend anybody that's into these games to check it out. As a player I think there's just too many games out there with a handful of players, I wish everybody would just join one game and have it be the most competitive game on the internet.

Check out MadeManMafia.com ... I go by Scarfo on there.

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AnarchyDave Creator
AnarchyDave - - 1 comments

Who can get the best result on MMM Mini games? had some really freaky cards so far!
Check out the intro post for MMM Mini games!

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