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Solve puzzles by graphically programming machines and stretch your mind! Snap together instructions to make programs that tick like swiss army knives! During a solar storm, the machines of Fabrique have stopped working and there's no one left in the city who knows how they work. Without the machines, Fabrique is cold and dark and the citizens suffer. One day, the Machinist arrives and starts repairing the machines by fixing their programs. You can be that Machinist! You'll learn programming/coding principles like operations, loops, conditionals and events - all by playing a fun and challenging game. The language that runs the world is the languages of programming - even if you don't intend to become a programmer, this will help you understand what programs actually are. The game teaches kids (ages 10 and up) - and adults - to write code in small entertaining steps. Prolongs onset of alzheimer's, especially if you’re 10.

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Solving one of the earliest levels in Machinist-Fabrique.