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Love is different. It's a little bit FPS, it's a little bit MMO, it's a little bit RTS, it's a little bit adventure game. The basic deal is as follows: it's an online cooperative game, based around the notion of building and defending player-run settlements and rewards exploration, teamwork and creative problem-solving. So here's the kicker: the game world is procedurally-generated. It's highly ambitious, and also incredibly beautiful, doubly so when you find out it's all the work of one guy: Eskil Steenberg.

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Sludgecrawler says

Fantastic proof of concept! A working MMO built by one person.
All the tools for building it was created by him, and his innovative thoughts about the making of games in general deserve a lot more attention than what he has received.
Using undemanding filters to create a "fussy" gameworld and unique aesthetic instead of hardware-needy hi-res textures, avoiding the "uncanny valley" and all the extra work completely, is such a simple and brilliant idea.

Sadly the gameplay itself, beyond running and shooting, may be a bit to advanced and difficult to get into for anyone but the most interested.
But it is incredibly rewarding and fun if you do get into it.


MonZombo says

just the visuals alone grant the game at least a 7 or a 8. The gamelay mechanics are amazing too, with a persistent world were rival tribes are constantly evolving... Amazing


AidanWolf says

Fantastic game! The creator is a genius.


paranoidMonkey says

Brilliant visiuals


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