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Liveout is a FPS Horror with combat in true Cry Of Fear style! Embark on a journey through a twisted world. You are Richard. A paranormal investigator on the verge of madness. One night you get a phone call from your supervisor Thomas. He promises us the fulfillment of our dreams and a lot of money. But only if we can survive and document our one night stay at Mount Relic Asylum. Lost memories of the girl you loved called Anna plague you're mind. She died inside the asylum years ago. What if you could bring her back would you choose greed or love?

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Liveout Demo v2.1 is out! Hey everyone, thank you for supporting Liveout. I thought it was time i finally did a new article. It has been some busy years with finishing a education and making a game at the same time. But now im done, and im about to start a new job soon

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ScreenshotLiveout update 2 - DOWNLOAD DEMO NOW Liveout Demo

Hey everyone, thank you for supporting Liveout.
I thought it was time i finally did a new article.
It has been some busy years with finishing a education and making a game at the same time almost alone. But now im done with my education.

Anyway, the demo is coming along nice.

Ive adressed some of the most common problems horror games make. Which for example is that the drain speed is way too fast, and instead of littering the levels with batteries that give low % ive added batteries that give 100%, and drain speed is slow. I hope this makes somebody out there happy as i know how annoying it is in some games.

FINALLY. Onto the actual development, the game is still kicking and we are receiving a new audio library from Jonathan of Red Barrels team. This is very exciting and i hope to bring some awesome new audio into the game.

We have found a new programmer for our team.

I thought i would give you all a overview of the levels in Liveout. Ive shortened the demo since it was too long and the level overview is abit different now.

The demo is around 95% complete. Ive improved graphics, loading screens, gameplay, added new weapons. Coded more stuff into the paranormal scripts to make them more random then before and much more.

Liveout Demo v2.1 is out now in download section!

Demo is as follows for now( NOTE ive made the demo shorter)

1. Splashscreen - Improved splashscreen for a much more professional intro to the game with aza game studio logo aswell.

2. Mainmenu - Needs a few more buttons, but the imagery/effects are in check.

3. Intro letter - Typed out like Richard himself is writing it in a nice stylish fashion. We learn who Richard miles is, what he is going through, and we get a hint about a girl named Anna.

4. Tunnels level - This level is short like a dream sequence, its sorta a tutorial so we learn some of the games core mechanics (keycode, key, weapons, controls) but contains some story about why we are in a nightmare, aswell as more about Anna.


5. Mirror of truth - A very small scene which i will use as a sort of hub for the full game, depending on the choices we make, we will return back to this place and reflect on the issues.


6. Apartments - The hellish apartments which i have worked in the whiskey bottle as a melee weapon, they play a important role in the game as one of the real first starting areas. You wake up in your bed, upon receiving a phone call from your supervisor Thomas, this is the first time we hear about Mount Relic Asylum.
I'm a big fan of the hellish red colour's here, but i also have added drunk effects, since we all know Richard is bad Alcoholic, haven't seen many games we're we can use alcohol as a weapon, this is indeed a metaphor also for his bad bad addiction. Kill the evil beings with the thing that kills himself everyday. You can expect this level to have lots of portals, lots of keycoded secret walls, and many doors aswell as keys for them, here we have alot of melee action, and encounter many different enemies, some which spawn randomly so on one playthrough you might never see them, but on the next you might


Thats all right now for the demo. ( have a cutscene also but im not telling anything yet )

Kickstarter is 90% complete but im waiting to release it until demo is also finished, i applaud you all for your patience, and am grateful for all my watchers!

MORE levels in the FULL game / alpha version!

1. Hospital - Hospital wing of Mount Relic. 70% complete

2. Prison - Prison wing of Mount Relic. 50% complete

3. Dungeon of the deep - When we figure out a crucial connection, we can choose to go down and descent into this place of madness. This will take us into the dungeons of the deep, a place that is for no man with arachnophobia, and will generally give that cold feeling, also the place will be littered with deadly traps. 65% complete

4. The forest of memories - A place where time is nothing but an idea, and the days are minutes long. An ever changing enviroment with plants emerging from the ground at different intervals. Much like the Mirror of truth level this place connects with this other level in a way. In this mirror level we deal with the subconscious decisions of Richard. In the forest of memories we deal more with yes you guessed it, memories. You can choose what memories to relieve, and in this place anything we dig up from Richards mind will appear and affect the final ending of the game ( There are 3 endings ) 60% complete

5. XZOL finale level - This is the deepest we can get underground from Mount Relic, even deeper then the dungeon level. Here we have crazy doctors working on the brainwashing experiment. We learn about project XZOL and what it is, how it ties in with Richards mind and some of the games characters and other levels. Brainwashing machines can be found here, dark tunnels and a horde of evil entities and creatures. The doctors are also present and someone very special to Richard can also be found in this level. 50% complete - Need to redesign the layout.

That is all for now, back to development! i hope you guys appreciate the additional info, and i hope it made you want to play the game just a little bit more!

Thank you all!




Awesome. Good to know the demo is about to come out.

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